Blue Note CD Super 50 (1986) – CD Index

Blue Note CD Super 50 series – CD Index

Blue Note CD Super 50 series Toshiba EMI [CP32-5201]-[CP32-5250]

◎第1回1986年06月25日発売 20タイトル [CP32-5201]-[CP32-5220]
◎第2回1986年07月23日発売 10タイトル [CP32-5221]-[CP32-5230]
◎第3回1986年08月22日発売 10タイトル [CP32-5231]-[CP32-5240]
◎第4回1986年08月20日発売 10タイトル [CP32-5241]-[CP32-5250]

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◎第1回1986年06月25日発売 20タイトル [CP32-5201]-[CP32-5220]

★CP32-5201 Complete Birdland Volume 1 / Art Blakey [BN1521]
★CP32-5202 Complete Birdland Volume 2 / Art Blakey [BN1522]
★CP32-5203 Bass On Top +1 / Paul Chambers [BN1569]
★CP32-5204 Sonny Clark Trio +3 / Sonny Clark [BN1579]
★CP32-5205 Somethin’ Else +1 / Cannonball Adderley [BN1595]
★CP32-5206 Introducing The Three Sounds +6 / The Three Sounds [BN1600]
★CP32-5207 The Scene Changes +1 / Bud Powell [BN4009]
・CP32-5208 Fuego / Donald Byrd [BN4026]
・CP32-5209 Mosaic / Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers [BN4090]
・CP32-5210 Hub-Tones / Freddie Hubbard [BN4115] (No Additional Track)
・CP32-5211 Out To Lunch / Eric Dolphy [BN4163]
・CP32-5212 In ‘n Out / Joe Henderson [BN4166]
★CP32-5213 Song For My Father +4 / Horace Silver [BN4185]
・CP32-5214 Speak No Evil / Wayne Shorter [BN4194]
★CP32-5215 The Rumproller +1 / Lee Morgan [BN4199]
・CP32-5216 Dippin’ / Hank Mobley [BN4209]
・CP32-5217 Happenings / Bobby Hutcherson [BN4231]
・CP32-5218 Conquistador / Cecil Taylor [BN4260] (No Additional Track)
・CP32-5219 Speak Like A Child / Herbie Hancock [BN4279]
・CP32-5220 The Prisoner / Herbie Hancock [BN4321]

◎第2回1986年07月23日発売 10タイトル [CP32-5221]-[CP32-5230]

★CP32-5221 Miles Davis All Stars Volume 1 / Mlis Davis [BN1501/BN1502]
★CP32-5222 Miles Davis All Stars Volume 2 / Mlis Davis [BN1501/BN1502]
・CP32-5223 Horace Silver & The Jazz Messengers [BN1518]
★CP32-5224 Complete Village Vanguard Volume 1 / Sonny Rollins [BN1581/BNLA475-H2]
★CP32-5225 Complete Village Vanguard Volume 2 / Sonny Rollins [BN1581/BNLA475-H2]
★CP32-5226 Stereo Candy +1 / Lee Morgan [BN1590]
07. Untitled (All at Once You Love Her)
・CP32-5227 A Night In Tunisia / Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers [BN4049] (No Additional Track)
・CP32-5228 Takin’ Off / Herbie Hancock [BN4109] (No Additional Track)
★CP32-5229 Midnight Blue +2 / Kenny Burrell [BN4123]
★CP32-5230 Our Man In Paris +2 / Dexter Gordon [BN4146]

◎第3回1986年08月22日発売 10タイトル [CP32-5231]-[CP32-5240]

・CP32-5231 Blue Train / John Coltrane [BN1577]
・CP32-5232 Blue Walk / Lou Donaldson [BN1593]
★CP32-5233 Moanin’ +1 / Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers [BN4003]
・CP32-5234 Soul Station / Hank Mobley [BN4031]
・CP32-5235 Let Freedom Ring / Jackie McLean [BN4106]
・CP32-5236 The Sidewinder / Lee Morgan [BN4157] (No Additional Track)
・CP32-5237 Maiden Voyage / Herbie Hancock [BN4195]
・CP32-5238 Spring / Tony Williams [BN4216]
・CP32-5239 Real McCoy / McCoy Tyner [BN4264]
・CP32-5240 Super Nova / Wayne Shorter [BN4332]

◎第4回1986年08月20日発売 10タイトル [CP32-5241]-[CP32-5250]

★CP32-5241 Complete Amazing Bud Powell / Bud Powell [BN1503]
★CP32-5242 Complete Cafe Bohemia Volume 1 / The Jazz Messengers [BN1507]
★CP32-5243 Complete Cafe Bohemia Volume 2 / The Jazz Messengers [BN1508]
★CP32-5244 Clifford Brown Memorial Album +2 / Clifford Brown [BN1526]
★CP32-5245 Cool Struttin’ +2 / Sonny Clark [BN1588]
★CP32-5246 Blowin’ The Blues Away +1 / Horace Silver [BN4017]
★CP32-5247 Blue Hour/ Stanley Turrentine with The Three Sounds [BN4057] (No Additional Track)
・CP32-5248 Go / Dexter Gordon [BN4112]
★CP32-5249 Una Mas +1 / Kenny Dorham [BN4127]
★CP32-5250 Juju / Wayne Shorter [BN4182] (No Additional Track)


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