Original BLUE NOTE 5000 series

BN5011 Wizard Of The Vibes / Milt Jackson

★BN1509 Milt Jackson (12inch LP)

Wizard of the Vibes

BN5012 Howard McGhee’s All Stars and The McGhee-Navarro Sextet

★BN1532 The Fabulous Fats Navarro, Volume 2 (12inch LP)

Blue Note (US) Connoisseur / Rare Groove
★95747-2 Howard McGhee Vol. 1 & Introducing Kenny Drew (Connoisseur) [BN5012/5023] (1998/10/20)

Introducing Kenny..

BN5013 Young Man With A Horn / Miles Davis

★BN1501 Miles Davis, Volume 1 (12inch LP)
★BN1502 Miles Davis, Volume 2 (12inch LP)

・BCD-0049 Young Man With A Horn / Miles Davis (Not For Sale) [BN5013] (1999)

BN5014 Overture To Dawn, Volume 3 / Erroll Garner

BN5015 Overture To Dawn, Volume 4 / Erroll Garner

BN5016 Overture To Dawn, Volume 5 / Erroll Garner

BN5017 Horn Of Plenty / Dizzy Gillespie [Vogue]

BN5018 New Faces – New Sounds / Introducig The Horace Silver Trio

★BN1520 Horace Silver Trio and Art Blakey – Sabu (12inch LP)

★CJ28-5123 Complte Horace Silver Trio (1989/08/23)

BN5019 New Sounds From The Old World / The Swinging Swedes – The Cool Britons

BN5020 New Faces – New Sounds / Gil Melle Quintet-Sextet

Blue Note (US) Connoisseur / Rare Groove
★95718-2 Complete 50s Sessions / Gil Melle (Connoisseur) [BN5020/5033/5054/5063/1517] (1998/10/20)

Complete Blue Note 50's


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