Blue Note 4300 series b

Original BLUE NOTE 4300 series

BN4381 Lee Morgan Last Album [unissued -> BN4901]


(01)【Original LP Fromat (Track List)】

・TOCJ-1632 The Last Album / Lee Morgan (1998/03/24)
・TOCJ-6700 Lee Morgan Last Album (BN決定盤1500 24bit) (2006/03/23)
・TYCJ-81075 Lee Morgan Last Album (2014/01/22)

BN4382 Two Headed Freap / Ronnie Foster


01. Chunky (Ronnie Foster) 4:50
02. Drowning In The Sea Of Love (Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff) 4:00
03. The Two-Headed Freap (Ronnie Foster) 4:19
04. Summer Song (Ronnie Foster) 5:20

05. Let’s Stay Together (Al Green, Al Jackson, Willie Mitchell) 4:50
06. Don’t Knock My Love (Brad Shapiro, Wilson Pickett) 4:30
07. Mystic Brew (Ronnie Foster) 4:13
08. Kentucky Fried Chicken (Ronnie Foster) 5:00

Eugene Bianco (harp) George Devens (vib, cabasa, shakers, cowbell) Ronnie Foster (org) Gene Bertoncini (g) George Duvivier (b) Gordon Edwards (el-b) Jimmy Johnson (ds) Arthur Jenkins (conga) Wade Marcus (arr)
January 20 & 21, 1972 at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

(01)【Original LP Fromat (Track List)】

・UCCQ-5055 Two Headed Freap / Ronnie Foster [SHM-CD) (2014/10/22) ※日本初CD化

BN4383 (not used number)

BN4384 (not used number)
BN4385 (not used number)
BN4386 (not used number)
BN4387 (not used number)
BN4388 (not used number)
BN4389 (not used number)
BN4390 (not used number)
BN4391 (not used number)
BN4392 (not used number)
BN4393 (not used number)
BN4394 (not used number)
BN4395 (not used number)
BN4396 (not used number)
BN4397 (not used number)
BN4398 (not used number)
BN4399 (not used number)
BN4400 (not used number)



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