Blue Note 4300 series b

Original BLUE NOTE 4300 series

BN4371 Lonnie Smith [unissued]

BN4372 Comin’ On Home / Richard “Groove” Holmes

Comin' on Home

01. Groovin’ for Mr. G. (Richard Groove Holmes) 4:13
02. Theme from Love Story (Francis Lai, Carl Sigman) 3:38
03. Mr. Clean (Weldon Irvine) 5:04
04. Down Home Funk (Irvine) 5:21

05. Don’t Mess With Me (Richard Groove Holmes) 6:47
06. Wave (Antônio Carlos Jobim) 5:48
07. This Here (Bobby Timmons) 5:05

●Tracks 2

Richard Groove Holmes (org) Gerald Hubbard (g) Chuck Rainey (el-b)
Darryl Washington (das) Ray Armando (congas)

May 19, 1971 at A&R Studios, NYC.

●Tracks 1, 3-7

Richard Groove Holmes (org) Weldon Irvine (el-p) Gerald Hubbard (g)
Jerry Jemmott (el-b) Darryl Washington (ds) Ray Armando (congas #1, 3-6)
James Davis (tambourine, shakers, cowbell, voice)

(01)【Original LP Fromat (Track List)】

・TOCJ-4372 Comin’ On Home / Richard “Groove” Holmes (1993/11/10)

・Blue Note BST 84372 (1997) [The Blue Note Collection]
・Blue Note 7243 5 38701 2 6 (2002)

Comin' on Home

BN4373 Visions / Grant Green


01. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is
02. Maybe Tomorrow
03. Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor, K550, 1st Movement
04. Love On A Two Way Street
05. Cantaloupe Woman
06. We’ve Only Just Begun
07. Never Can Say Goodbye
08. Blues For Abraham

Billy Wooten (vib) Emmanuel Riggins (el-p) Grant Green (g) Chuck Rainey (el-b) Idris Muhammad (ds) Harold Caldwell (ds, per) Ray Armando (conga)
May 21, 1971

(01)【Original LP Fromat (Track List)】

・TOCJ-4373 Visions / Grant Green (1993/11/10)
・TOCJ-8566 Visions / Grant Green (BN Best & More 1100) (2009/09/16)

BN4374 Black Pearl / Jimmy McGriff


01. Black Pearl (Pierre Daniel, Sonny Lester) 3:35
02. In A Mellow Tone (Duke Ellington) 5:18
03. Man from Bad (Jimmy McGriff) 4:15
04. Ode to Billie Joe (Bobby Gentry) 6:38

05. Groove Alley (Jimmy McGriff) 8:18
06. C Jam Blues (Barney Bigard, Duke Ellington) 10:34

Ronald White (tp) Joseph Morris (as) Arthur “Fats” Theus (ts) William Thorpe (bs)
Jimmy McGriff (org) O’Donel “Butch” Levy (g) Willie Jenkins (ds)

early 1971 at The Golden Slipper, Newark, NJ.

(01)【Original LP Fromat (Track List)】

・TYCJ-81098 Black Pearl / Jimmy McGriff (SHM-CD) (2014/02/26)

BN4375 Ornette Coleman [unissued]


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