199402 – The BLUE NOTE Works Vocal series

The BLUE NOTE Works Vocal series



BLUE NOTE CLUB Volume 16 [January 1994]より転載

1994/02/23 The BLUE NOTE Works Vocal series

・TOCJ-5876 Live At Montreux / Marlena Shaw [LA251-G]

01. The Show Has Begun (Live)
02. The Song Is You (Live)
03. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Live)
04. Twisted (Live)
05. But For Now (Live)
06. Save The Children (Live)
07. Woman Of The Ghetto (Live)

・TOCJ-5877 Who Is This Bitch anyway? / Marlena Shaw [LA397-G]

01. Street Walking’ Woman
02. You Taught Me How To Speak In Love
03. Davy
04. Feel Like Makin’ Love
05. The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away
06. You Been Away Too Long
07. You
08. Loving You Was Like A Party
09. A Prelude For Rose Marie
10. Rose Marie (Mon Cherie)

・TOCJ-5878 Just A Matter Of Time / Marlena Shaw [LA606-G]

・TOCJ-5879 Can’t Hide Love / Carmen MaRae [LA635-G]

01. Can’t Hide Love
02. The Man I Love
03. Only Women Bleed
04. I Wish You Well
05. All By Myself
06. Music
07. Lost Up In Loving You
08. You’re Everything
09. Would You Believe
10. A Child Is Born

・TOCJ-5880/5881 At The Great American Music Hall / Carmen MaRae [LA709-H2]



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