199404 – The BLUE NOTE Works 4100 series

The BLUE NOTE Works 4100 series



第1回発売 1994/04/27

・TOCJ-4101 Royal Flush / Donald Byrd [BN4101]
・TOCJ-4102 Hey There! / The Three Sounds [BN4102]
・TOCJ-4103 Easy Living / Ike Quebec [BN4103]
・TOCJ-4104 Buhaina’s Delight / Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers [BN4104]
・TOCJ-4105 It Might As Well Be Spring / Ike Quebec [BN4105]
・TOCJ-4106 Let Freedom Ring / Jackie McLean [BN4106]
・TOCJ-4107 Preach Brother! / Don Wilkerson [BN4107]
・TOCJ-4108 The Natural Soul / Lou Donaldson [BN4108]
・TOCJ-4109 Takin’ Off / Herbie Hancock [BN4109]
・TOCJ-4110 The Tokyo Blues / The Horace Silver Quintet [BN4110]

第2回発売 1994/05/25

・TOCJ-4111 The Latin Bit / Grant Green [BN4111]
・TOCJ-4112 Go! / Dexter Gordon [BN4112]
・TOCJ-4113 Down To Earth / Freddie Roach [BN4113]
・TOCJ-4114 Bossa Nova Soul Samba / Ike Quebec [BN4114]
・TOCJ-4115 Hub-Tones / Freddie Hubbard [BN4115]
・TOCJ-4116 The Jackie McLean Quintet [BN4116]
・TOCJ-4117 Back At The Chicken Shack / Jimmy Smith [BN4117]
・TOCJ-4118 Free Form / Donald Byrd [BN4118]
・TOCJ-4119 Bossa Nova Bacchanal / Charlie Rouse [BN4119]
・TOCJ-4120 It Just Got To Be / The Three Sounds [BN4120]

第3回発売 1994/06/29

・TOCJ-4121 Elder Don / Don Wilkerson [BN4121]
・TOCJ-4122 Jubilee Shout!!! / Stanley Turrentine [BN4122]
・TOCJ-4123 Midnight Blue / Kenny Burrell [BN4123]
・TOCJ-4124 A New Perspective / Donald Byrd [BN4124]
・TOCJ-4125 Good Gracious! / Lou Donaldson [BN4125]
・TOCJ-4126 My Point Of View / Herbie Hancock [BN4126]
・TOCJ-4127 Una Mas / Kenny Dorham [BN4127]
・TOCJ-4128 Mo’ Greens Please / Freddie Roach [BN4128]
・TOCJ-4129 Never Let Me Go / Stanley Turrentine [BN4129]
・TOCJ-4130 Along Came John / “Big” John Patton [BN4130]

第4回発売 1994/07/20

・TOCJ-4131 Silver’s Serenade / The Horace Silver Quintet [BN4131]
・TOCJ-4132 Feelin’ The Spirit / Grant Green [BN4132]
・TOCJ-4133 A Swingin’ Affair / Dexter Gordon [BN4133]
・TOCJ-4134 Happy Frame Of Mind / Horace Parlan [BN4134]
・TOCJ-4135 Here To Stay / Freddie Hubbard [BN4135]
・TOCJ-4136 African High Life / Solomon Ilori [BN4136]
・TOCJ-4137 One Step Beyond / Jackie McLean [BN4137]
・TOCJ-4138 Steppin’ Out! / Harold Vick [BN4138]
・TOCJ-4139 Am I Blue / Grant Green [BN4139]
・TOCJ-4140 Page One / Joe Henderson [BN4140]

第5回発売 1994/08/24

・TOCJ-4141 Rockin’ The Boat / Jimmy Smith [BN4141]
・TOCJ-4142 Step Lightly / Blue Mitchell [BN4142]
・TOCJ-4143 Blue John / “Big” John Patton [BN4143]
・TOCJ-4144 Little Johnny C / Johnny Coles [BN4144]
・TOCJ-4145 Shoutin’ / Don Wilkerson [BN4145]
・TOCJ-4146 Our Man In Paris / Dexter Gordon [BN4146]
・TOCJ-4147 Inventions And Dimensions / Herbie Hancock [BN4147]
・TOCJ-4148 Two Souls In One / George Braith [BN4148]
・TOCJ-4149 No Room For Squares / Hank Mobley [BN4149]
・TOCJ-4150 A Chip Off The Old Block / Stanley Turrentine [BN4150]

第6回発売 1994/09/21

・TOCJ-4151 Black Fire / Andrew Hill [BN4151]
・TOCJ-4152 Our Thing / Joe Henderson [BN4152]
・TOCJ-4153 Evolution / Grachan Moncur III [BN4153]
・TOCJ-4154 Idle Moments / Grant Green [BN4154]
・TOCJ-4155 Black Orchid / The Three Sounds [BN4155]
・TOCJ-4156 The Freedom Rider / Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers [BN4156]
・TOCJ-4157 The Sidewinder / Lee Morgan [BN4157]
・TOCJ-4158 Good Move / Freddie Roach [BN4158]
・TOCJ-4159 Judgment! / Andrew Hill [BN4159]
・TOCJ-4160 Smoke Stack / Andrew Hill [BN4160]

第7回発売 1994/10/26

・TOCJ-4161 Soul Stream / George Braith [BN4161]
・TOCJ-4162 Hustlin’ / Stanley Turrentine [BN4162]
・TOCJ-4163 Out To Lunch! / Eric Dolphy [BN4163]
・TOCJ-4164 Prayer Meetin’ / Jimmy Smith [BN4164]
・TOCJ-4165 Destination… Out! / Jackie McLean [BN4165]

第8回発売 1994/11/30

・TOCJ-4166 In ‘N Out / Joe Henderson [BN4166]
・TOCJ-4167 Point Of Departure / Andrew Hill [BN4167]
・TOCJ-4168 Brown Sugar / Freddie Roach [BN4168]
・TOCJ-4169 Search For The New Land / Lee Morgan [BN4169]
・TOCJ-4170 Free For All / Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers [BN4170]

第9回発売 1994/12/21

・TOCJ-4171 Extension / George Braith [BN4171]
・TOCJ-4172 Breaking Point / Freddie Hubbard [BN4172]
・TOCJ-4173 Night Dreamer / Wayne Shorter [BN4173]
・TOCJ-4174 The Way I Feel / “Big” John Patton [BN4174]
・TOCJ-4175 Empyrean Isles / Herbie Hancock [BN4175]

第10回発売 1995/01/25

・TOCJ-4176 One Flight Up / Dexter Gordon [BN4176]
・TOCJ-4177 Some Other Stuff / Grachan Moncur III [BN4177]
・TOCJ-4178 The Thing To Do / Blue Mitchell [BN4178]
・TOCJ-4179 It’s Time! / Jackie McLean [BN4179]
・TOCJ-4180 Life Time / Tony Williams [BN4180]

第11回発売 1995/02/22

・TOCJ-4181 Trompeta Toccata / Kenny Dorham [BN4181]
・TOCJ-4182 Juju / Wayne Shorter [BN4182]
・TOCJ-4183 Talkin’ About! / Grant Green [BN4183]
・TOCJ-4184 Fuchsia Swing Song / Sam Rivers [BN4184]
・TOCJ-4185 Song For My Father / The Horace Silver Quintet [BN4185]

第12回発売 1995/03/22

・TOCJ-4186 The Turnaround! / Hank Mobley [BN4186]
・TOCJ-4187 Into Somethin’ / Larry Young [BN4187]
・TOCJ-4188 I’m Tryin’ To Get Home / Donald Byrd [BN4188]
・TOCJ-4189 Inner Urge / Joe Henderson [BN4189]
・TOCJ-4190 All That’s Good / Freddie Roach [BN4190]

第13回発売 1995/04/26

・TOCJ-4191 Wahoo! / Duke Pearson [BN4191]
・TOCJ-4192 Oh, Baby! / “Big” John Patton [BN4192]
・TOCJ-4193 Indestructible / Art Blakey [BN4193]
・TOCJ-4194 Speak No Evil / Wayne Shorter [BN4194]
・TOCJ-4195 Maiden Voyage / Herbie Hancock [BN4195]

第14回発売 1995/05/31

・TOCJ-4196 Blue Spirits / Freddie Hubbard [BN4196]
・TOCJ-4197 Out Of This World / The Three Sounds [BN4197]
・TOCJ-4198 Dialogue / Bobby Hutcherson [BN4198]
・TOCJ-4199 The Rumproller / Lee Morgan [BN4199]
・TOCJ-4200 Softly As A Summer Breeze / Jimmy Smith [BN4200]



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