200906 – blue note BEST & MORE 1100

・TOCJ-8571 New Soil / Jackie McLean [BN4013]
・TOCJ-8572 One Step Beyond / Jackie McLean [BN4137]
・TOCJ-8573 Workout / Hank Mobley [BN4080]
・TOCJ-8574 Reach Out! / Hank Mobley [BN4288]
・TOCJ-8575 Lee-Way / Lee Morgan [BN4034]
・TOCJ-8576 Search For The New Land / Lee Morgan [BN4169]
・TOCJ-8577 Cornbread / Lee Morgan [BN4222]

・TOCJ-8578 Rollin’ With Leo / Leo Parker [BN4095 unissued -> LT1076]


・TOCJ-8579 Speakin’ My Piece / Horace Parlan [BN4043]
・TOCJ-8580 On The Spur Of The Moment / Horace Parlan [BN4074]

・TOCJ-8581 Happy Frame Of Mind / Horace Parlan [BN4134 unissued -> LA488-H2]

・TOCJ-8582 Wahoo! / Duke Pearson [BN4191]


・TOCJ-8583 How Insensitive / Duke Pearson [BN4344]
・TOCJ-8584 Out Of The Blue / Sonny Red [BN4032]

・TOCJ-8585 Soundin’ Off / Dizzy Reece [BN4033]


・TOCJ-8586 Schizophrenia / Wayne Shorter [BN4297]
・TOCJ-8587 The Jody Grind / The Horace Silver Quintet-Sextet [BN4250]
・TOCJ-8588 Serenade To A Soul Sister / The Horace Silver Quintet [BN4277]
・TOCJ-8589 Crazy! Baby / Jimmy Smith [BN4030]
・TOCJ-8590 Plays Fats Waller / Jimmy Smith [BN4100]


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