200906 – blue note BEST & MORE 1100

・TOCJ-8671 My Point Of View / Herbie Hancock [BN4126]
・TOCJ-8672 Inventions And Dimensions / Herbie Hancock [BN4147]

・TOCJ-8673 Open Sesame / Freddie Hubbard [BN4040]
・TOCJ-8674 Hub Cap / Freddie Hubbard [BN4073]

・TOCJ-8675 Stick Up! / Bobby Hutcherson [BN4244]


・TOCJ-8676 Total Eclipse / Bobby Hutcherson [BN4291] ※国内初CD化


・TOCJ-8677 Hootin’ ‘N Tootin’ / Fred Jackson [BN4094]

・TOCJ-8678 Merry Go Round / Elvin Jones [BN4414] ※本邦初登場


・TOCJ-8679 Blowing In From Chicago / Cliff Jordan – John Gilmore [BN1549]

・TOCJ-8680 Portrait of Sheila / Sheila Jordan [BN9002] ※国内初CD化

・TOCJ-8681 Capuchin Swing / Jackie McLean [BN4038]
・TOCJ-8682 Jackie’ s Bag / Jackie McLean [BN4051]
・TOCJ-8683 Bluesnik / Jackie McLean [BN4067]
・TOCJ-8684 Hank Mobley / Hank Mobley [BN1568]
・TOCJ-8685 No Room For Squares / Hank Mobley [BN4149]
・TOCJ-8686 J.R. Monterose [BN1536]
・TOCJ-8687 The Cooker / Lee Morgan [BN1578]
・TOCJ-8688 The Rumproller / Lee Morgan [BN4199]

・TOCJ-8689 Caramba! / Lee Morgan [BN4289] ※本邦初登場


・TOCJ-8690 Movin’ and Groovin’ / Horace Parlan [BN4028]


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